Vaping and the PMTA

At Vapor 55, we are proud to have been able to take care of your Vaping needs since 2013 and we will continue to do so. Vapor 55 has partnered with Victory Liquid and we have submitted 22 of our most popular flavors to the pmta process. Those flavors will also be available in salt nic, 50mg & 35mg. We spent several months tracking the sales of our liquid and decided upon these flavors. Having nearly 60 flavors it was a difficult decision. I'm sure there are flavors you have been accustomed to getting and we are sorry if they will not be on our new list. Our entire flavor list will be available through the close of business on September 9, 2020. Effective September 10, 2020 the flavor list will be limited to the 22 submitted flavors. We will also carry the Maxx Vapor line at all our locations.

It saddens us to think that Vaping as we know it will drastically change after September 9, 2020. This has been something we have all dreaded for some time but it is here now and we cannot stop it. There are still many unanswered questions and we are working hard to find the answers. Hundreds of Vape Stores and large distributors will be forced to close their doors across the country and many of the mods, tanks, coils, etc.. will no longer be available. Products that were introduced to the market after 8-8-2016 will no longer be available. That includes juice, mods, coils, tanks, accessories, etc..

We strongly suggest that you stock up before the deadline. Vapor 55 is offering all their in stock liquid at a 20% discount through September 9, 2020 while supplies last. Use coupon vape20 at checkout.

The entire staff at Vapor 55 thanks you for your continued support!

Mike & Renee Singleton- Owners

Vapor 55, LLC

1650 Starlite Dr. Ste. G

Owensboro, KY 42301